Camilla Parker Bowles Almost Cost Kate Middleton Her Royal Status

camilla kate middletonWe'd all like to think that the love between Kate Middleton and Prince William is a fairy tale, but of course with that comes some kind of evil person wanting to ruin it all. If we believe the reports, that evil one is Camilla Parker Bowles, who is reportedly the reason for Will and Kate's breakup back in 2007.


Christopher Andersen, author of The Day Diana Died and William and Kate: A Royal Love Story, has a new book coming out called Game of Crowns that spills some details, putting Camilla in a bad light -- a place she is certainly in often. According to Andersen, Camilla wasn't pleased with all the attention Will and Kate were getting when they first got together and she reportedly told Prince Charles to tell Prince William to dump Kate. Camilla wanted the focus to be on her and Charles and all the do-gooder things they were doing, not some commoner that her stepson was dating. 

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Will and Kate did break up for a short time back then. Could it have really been Camilla's fault? Would Charles have told his son to end his relationship with the woman who went on to give him two grandchildren? Is it really all that drama-filled in the royal kingdom?

According to Andersen, yes. Yes, it is.

Now if we take a look at any commoner family, there is drama. With family comes drama -- it's just the way it is. Moms and dads all over the world have not agreed with their children's choices on who to date ... and harsh words have been said. Why would the royals be exempt from some good old-fashioned family drama? If anything, it's escalated due to the fact there are castles and fire-breathing dragons involved. The fire-breathing dragons being people like Camilla. Though Diana did like to refer to her as a rottweiler. And so perhaps we can believe that Camilla is to blame in part for the Will and Kate's 2007 break up.

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Thank goodness they got back together. Though, Camilla probably isn't happy at all because the queen supposedly favors Will as king when she steps down, not Charles. Meaning Kate will snag the queen title from Camilla if that does happen. Now that's some royal family drama.


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