Prince Charles May Have Cheated on Princess Diana With a Major Hollywood Star

It's not exactly a secret that Prince Charles wasn't faithful in his marriage to Princess Diana, but just how much did he really get around? If rumors are to be believed, the Prince of Wales once had an affair with Barbra Streisand.


According to royal biographer Christopher Andersen, Charles had a decades-long "infatuation" with Babs, and one of Diana's friends even divulged that she "would not have been surprised if they had an affair."

Andersen details the rumored affair in his upcoming book, Game of Crowns, and pins their first meeting all the way back to 1974, long before Diana even came into the picture. Apparently, the 26-year-old royal was docked in Los Angeles and given the opportunity to meet a Hollywood star of his choice.

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Given that Charles had reportedly seen Funny Girl three times, and also kept a poster of Streisand on his walls at both Cambridge and Buckingham Palace, he chose her. According to Andersen's tell-all book, he even confided in his valet, "I'm sure they thought I'd say Raquel Welch ... Streisand is my only pinup."

They did meet, but it was apparently pretty awkward, because Barbra later remarked, "Who knows? If I'd been nicer to him, I might have been the first real Jewish princess."

Of course Charles ended up tying the knot with Diana, but British author Harold Brooks-Baker claimed that Charles and Barbra saw each other again years later, at a 1994 LA gala. He said they "had a secret rendezvous at his suite in the secluded Bel-Air Hotel," which was officially booked as a "private tea."

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Scandalous! There may have been even more, as one source commented that 10 months after the tea party, Charles and Barbra were hanging out together in London, and described as being "very affectionate to one another." The book also claims that according to the insider, "Another housekeeper described Charles and Barbra as acting 'quite flustered' when she surprised them in Charles' study."

Of course there's no proof to any of this -- just a lot of rumors and speculation. But really, would it be the first time a royal cavorted with a Hollywood star? We just wouldn't be surprised to find out that it's true.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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