Derick Dillard Has Fans Wondering If Jill Duggar Is Pregnant With Twins (PHOTO)

It's been over a year since Israel Dillard was born, which means we're on official Duggar bump watch. Jill has strategically not shown any visible shots of her midsection lately, but Derick Dillard's cryptic new Instagram post has everyone wondering if Jill (Duggar) Dillard is pregnant with twins!


The proud dad posted an adorable photo of Izzy playing in the mirror, but the caption he added makes us wonder if there's something the family hasn't decided to publicly share just yet. He wrote, "This is how you entertain yourself when you don't have any siblings yet... #mirrorbaby #twins?"

This is how you entertain yourself when you don't have any siblings yet... #mirrorbaby #twins?

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The fact that Derick said "yet," and the fact that he mentioned twins and even added that ominous question mark, has fans questioning if they're not only pregnant again, but pregnant with multiples. Hey, Jill would be following in her mom Michelle Duggar's footsteps -- her second pregnancy produced twins Jana and John-David Duggar.

It's hard to imagine that Jill and Derrick wouldn't spill the beans as soon as they got a positive on a home pregnancy test, considering that they made waves by announcing their pregnancy with Israel so early in their first trimester.

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Then again, observers have been all kinds of worried for the missionary couple, who are currently living and ministering in El Salvador -- a Zika virus hotbed. While symptoms are usually mild for adults who contract the disease, it can be horrifically debilitating for the unborn children whose mothers become ill with it. It's become connected with severe birth defects, or even death.

It makes sense that Jill and Derick wouldn't want to open up that can of worms just yet. We just hope that if Jill really is pregnant, she's taking extra care of herself!


Image via derickdillard/Instagram

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