Duggar Family's Cryptic Facebook Message Has to Be About Josh

They're no strangers to quoting scriptures and famous theologians, but this one might be related directly to the family's most infamous sinner at the moment. The Duggars posted about grace for sinners on Friday, and we can't help but think it's about Josh Duggar.


Josh just got home from rehab last month, where he was being treated since August for sex addiction. After being exposed in the Ashley Madison hack, the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19 children confessed to being the "biggest hypocrite ever" by being unfaithful to his wife Anna, and to being addicted to porn.

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Anna has stood by her man, and said that she wants to show the father of her four children Christ-like love, and forgive him. Of course it's going to take a lot of work for God to "restore her marriage," but maybe Josh still hasn't forgiven himself.

It just seems like this quote from Charles Spurgeon (Anna's nephew's namesake!), might be directed at Josh.

They're encouraging words for anyone struggling in sin, but honestly, I think the most encouraging part is that Josh may need to hear them. We haven't heard a peep from him since he made his statement and went to rehab, but sources have said that he hasn't acted very sorry for putting his family through Hell.

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That's why I hope this post was for Josh -- because maybe it means that he recognizes the severity of what he's done, and how many people he's hurt. Josh was an arrogant jerk to do what he did, and if he's really going to get better, he needs to be broken first. Hopefully, he's gotten there, and can actually begin to change his life for the better.


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