20 Times Queen Elizabeth Stole Our Hearts

Queen Elizabeth

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday on April 21, we wanted to celebrate a different side of Her Majesty than we're accustomed to seeing in the media. We've rounded up plenty of photos and anecdotes that prove the queen is nothing like the stuffy, unsmiling stereotype she's sometimes portrayed as. She actually smiles -- that's right. And if one looks real fast, Queen Elizabeth even has her moments that make us say, "awwwwww."


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As the longest-reigning English monarch and a devoted grandmother, this is one queen who shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And this royal is always on the move! Between her royal duties (which she still attends to), meeting with foreign dignitaries, and watching over her grandchildren George and Charlotte -- the queen has a full schedule! And while we admire her notorious stoicism, we kinda like it better when the queen lets loose and shows us her fun side. What better way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday than by taking a look at some of her most charming moments? Keep reading to relive 20 times the queen stole our hearts!

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Yep, it's true: Queen E is total #grandmagoals.

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