Kate Middleton Hikes for Hours in the India Heat & Still Looks Flawless (PHOTO)

kate middleton prince williamKate Middleton took a break from those incredible dresses she's been wearing in India to put on some rugged boots for a hike with Prince William. The royal pair were in Bhutan and hiking up to the Tiger's Nest monastery. The trek took hours, but Kate didn't break a sweat.


What is her secret? Does she drink a lot of water? Is she just in peak physical condition? Did she have an electric device that walked for her? Or is she just so princess-like that there was no way anyone was going to see her sweat. So sweat ... she did not. Neither did Will, it seems.

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Hiking? No big deal for these two. They completed the hike all the way to the top, something that Will's father, Prince Charles, was unable to do way back in 1998. He was 50 at the time. Though, that is most definitely not old. But not as young as 33-year-old Will and 34-year-old Kate. And, of course, when the younger royals hike, they do it in style -- how many shades of khaki can you spot? In fact, Will and Kate look like they stepped out of the cover shoot for Hiker's World magazine. Is there even such a thing?

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Not only did they take this time to breathe in some clear mountain air and work their glutes and calves and all the other body parts one exerts whilst hiking, but they were lovey dovey the whole way to the top as well. Yes, Kate and Will are taking this time away from their kidlets to connect and bond, just like all couples on vacation do. They held hands while trekking through dirt and over rocks. It's quite endearing to see how much love these two have for each other -- together forever, for better or worse, in heels or hiking boots, though never sweating.


Image via Splash News

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