John-David Duggar Opens Up About Finding a Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Is another Duggar ready to walk down the aisle? John-David Duggar recently opened up about courting his future bride, and left us wondering if he will be the next of Jim Bob and Michelle's 19 chldren to tie the knot.


Considering that the Duggars don't exactly randomly date people, we're always excited to hear if a possible courtship is going on. Courting a Duggar looks very different form your typical modern romance -- dates are supervised, no kissing is involved, side hugs only, people.

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Anyway, John-David was asked about his future plans for family life in an interview for TLC, and it seems like he is more than ready to settle down. Take a look at what he has to say:

OK, so there's no one in the picture -- yet. But John-Duggar admitted that he's praying for the Lord to "bring the right one along" so he can start a family. He also wants to raise kids who will be able to contribute to society, which is all kinds of endearing.

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I think it's cool that people are starting to obsess over John-David's single status as much as his twin sister Jana's. At 26, they're both on the "old" side of Duggars to remain unmarried, but people tend to freak out more about Jana becoming an old maid than JD remaining a bachelor.

It just seems like neither has met The One yet. And after their big brother Josh's drama over the past year, can you blame them for holding out instead of racing down the aisle?


Image via TLC

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