Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Toned Legs & Pert Butt in Sexy Instagram Photos

kourtney kardashian

Could she be any hotter? Kourtney Kardashian looks hot AF right now, so lately she's been doing what any mama with their mojo back would be doing: posting sexy photo to Instagram. On Wednesday, Kourtney had a little Instagram photo shoot where she posted a series of shots showcasing her trim and toned legs. Nice getaway sticks, Kourt!


Kourtney has been into the one-look-three-shots thing lately, so not surprisingly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted three pics of herself seductively lounging on some sort of fur chair.  

Absolutely stunning. Those legs! That butt! That highlighter on her cheeks! There's no question about it: It's good to be Kourtney Kardashian. And that chair. 

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Whatever magical sexy juice Kourtney has been drinking since she broke things off with Scott Disick, she should keep at it -- and share some with the rest of us. Not only does she look incredible, but she also clearly feels incredible. You don't have an impromptu Instagram shoot on a furry chair if you only feel okay about yourself. 

Breaking up with Scott seems to have been the best decision Kourtney has ever made. Here's to hoping that she continues to have a good relationship with him for their kids, but doesn't get back together with him romantically. 

Also, here's to hoping Scott doesn't see these pics, because man. Dude is missing out big-time. 


Image via Jackson Lee/Splash News

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