18 Ways Kate Middleton Is Just Like Princess Diana

18 Ways Kate Middleton Is Just Like Princess Diana
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Kate Middleton
James Whatling/Splash News

Princess Diana was the most beloved royal in history -- until now, that is. If a royal popularity contest were ever held, Kate Middleton would give her late mother-in-law a serious run for her money. Not that the Duchess of Cambridge would ever deign to compete in such a tawdry affair, of course.  In fact, it's a fair bet that the British public holds both princesses in such high esteem because they share a fundamental set of values -- starting with loyalty to family. There are so many parallels between Kate and Diana, it really is surreal. Some of it flows from simply holding a position in the royal family.

The world tends to scrutinize every choice the two women have made, from their weddings to their fashion choices during royal appearances, and this is bound to have affected their outlook on life. But the women also seem to share some winning personality traits, such as caring and concern for those less fortunate and a fierce devotion to their role as mothers. They also have a natural ability to connect with people, from their winning smile to their rare ability to open up about their own problems to help others. The unofficial title "the people's princess" could easily describe both women. So it's really no wonder why Prince William chose Kate Middleton to be his bride. As the old joke goes, the boy ended up marrying his mother. Here are 18 ways Kate Middleton reminds us of Princess Diana.

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