Amy Duggar's Husband Is in Big Trouble With the Law

She's making headlines for her scandalous behavior yet again! Okay, this time it is Amy Duggar's husband causing the controversy, but it still counts, right? It appears as though Dillon King is in trouble for an outstanding debt related to medical bills, and is in the hole for more than $50,000.


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are famously anti-debt, but that doesn't seem to be the case with newlyweds Amy and Dillon. According to court documents, Dillon is on the hook for some unpaid medical bills, attorney fees, and interest.

The 28-year-old apparently owes Bentonville's Northwest Medical Center $51,940.53, after being treated more than a year ago following a bad car accident.

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The hospital's lawyer wrote, "The Plaintiff demanded of Defendants that said items be paid for in full on numerous occasions including: at or immediately following the time of providing the various items; within the 30 day period following the providing of said items; on or about June 26, 2015; and on numerous other occasions since said items were provided."

That basically means pay up now, people.

Ugh, this is such a tough situation, and I don't envy Amy or her hubby at all. When Dillon was hospitalized for three days in January 2015, Amy totally came to her then-boyfriend's aide, and has said that helping him recuperate brought them closer.

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She shared the extent of the damage on Instagram at the time, saying, "He had a head on collision ... someone drove directly into his lane and hit him at 45 mph ... He has a broken femur, he has an 18 inch rod in his leg!"

Let's hope that their closeness is for real, because it's going to be tough figuring out how to pay all of those bills.


Image via kingdillpickle/Instagram

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