Anna Duggar Reflects on How Things Have Changed Since Josh Betrayed Her

On Tuesday night's episode of Jill and Jessa: Counting On, Anna Duggar made a sad comment about how much has changed for the family in the past few months, and our hearts went out to the mom of four.



The episode was filmed before Josh came home from rehab last month, and it was obvious that Anna was just doing her best to get through. She was living with her in-laws while Josh got treatment for his sex addiction, and therefore participating in the usual Duggar activities, like Skyping with Jill and Derick Dillard in Central America.

The Dillards left the states for mission work last summer, shortly after it was revealed that Josh had molested four of his sisters (Jill and Jessa included) along with an underage babysitter when he was a young teen. A few months later, Josh confessed to being unfaithful to Anna and having a porn addiction.

Anyway, Anna reflected about the time that her sister-in-law has been gone, and how much things had changed in such a brief period. She said, "It's been about four months since Jill left for Central America, and I know a lot has happened, and little Izzy has changed so much."

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Um, yeah. A lot has happened. Her husband admitted to being the "biggest hypocrite ever" by being unfaithful. He resigned from his job as a family values advocate, and entered a long-term rehab facility. She moved from her home outside of DC to take up residence on the Duggar compound. She's dealt with national scrutiny, and with a lot of other people's opinions on whether she should divorce Josh or not. Oh, and let's not forget that she was still mom to four little ones, including newborn Meredith.

Yup, a lot has changed. Unfortunately for those of us on #TeamAnnaDivorce, it looks like one major thing hasn't changed. Anna is still determined to work things out with Josh, and is praying for her marriage to be restored. For her sake, I hope that she is able to find her happy place with Josh again. And if not, I hope she has the courage and the guts to realize that just because she may forgive him, it doesn't mean that she has to trust him again.


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