Prince George's 'Naughty' Behavior Kept Him From India Trip

prince william kate middleton prince georgeIn case you were wondering if Kate Middleton is doing check-ins with those who are watching her kids while she and Prince William are in India, she most certainly is. The Duchess of Cambridge is missing her children -- this is the longest she's been away from both of them. But the reason the little ones aren't there is because of Prince George's naughty behavior.


The royal couple did say that they would take their kids the next time they visit, but for this trip, they felt that 2-year-old George would be more interested in running around all over the place than taking care of any royal duties, noting that he is a little too "naughty" right now. Fitting for a toddler, of course. He does seem like a mischievous little guy and probably very curious right now. He has his 11-month-old sister to impress and so I'd bet he's getting into all sorts of things right now ... there is no box left unemptied, no neat pile in his sights. Plus, he was used to all the attention and then sweet Charlotte appeared and he had to do things big to get noticed. Naughty? That's the way to go.

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It is a challenge to focus on anything but Kate's gorgeous clothing choices while she is in India, but in her heart is a longing for her little ones. Even naughty little Georgie. Just like any parent would be. What happens is this -- we get excited to be away from our kids with our partner so we can have alone time, time to sleep late, stay up later, and do whatever it is we want without worrying if it's kid-friendly. It's all exciting until day two, when we start missing our kids. Sure, we are enjoying ourselves, but we find our minds wandering, wondering what the kids are up to at that moment.

Kate said that while she was in the village and saw the little girls dancing, it reminded her of her daughter, Princess Charlotte. I think we can all relate to that. We're out, having a nice time without the kids, and then we see a kid and wham! The pangs of parenthood -- the missing of our own little ones -- tug at our hearts. Suddenly all we want to do is be with them. And, of course, our conversation always seem to begin and end with them, too.

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Kate and Will made a good choice to go to India alone, especially for Kate's first visit to the place she most wanted to see. She's missing them for sure, but all the more kisses and love for them when she returns. And I bet a lot of presents, too, in spite of any naughtiness.


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