Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's Wedding Will Be Missing One Very Important Sister

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So much for a reconciliation! According to reports, Blac Chyna wants Kim Kardashian banned from her wedding to Rob Kardashian. Sources tell Hollywood Life that the future Mrs. Kardashian has zeroed in on Kim out of all the sisters for a few reasons -- and she's not backing down. 


For one, Blac Chyna doesn't want Kim upstaging her at her own wedding. Apparently, the bride-to-be doesn't think that Kim has it in her to take a backseat and let another woman have the spotlight for the day. BC is terrifying that Kim will wear something totally over the top to their wedding, taking all the attention away from her -- and she's not taking any chances. 

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But evidently another reason Blac Chyna doesn't want Kim invited to the wedding is because she's afraid that, after receiving an invite, she'll be a no-show and break Rob's heart. After Rob decided to bail on Kim and Kanye's Paris nuptials, Blac feels that Kim has it in her to "get back" at her brother and do the same. "Blac’s not with the drama," a source told Hollywood Life. "She wants the day to be spectacular for both she and Rob and she’s determined to be the biggest star on her wedding day."

While it is her and Rob's wedding and they can do what they want (and are entitled to a perfect day), this really isn't a good foot to start out on with her fiancé's family. Sure, Rob and Kim have their issues, but by adding fuel to the fire, she's all but guaranteeing that there will be drama on the big day. 

Hopefully, Rob, his family, and Blac Chyna can all come to some sort of agreement and, at the very least, be cordial with one another as the months go by. Because, as of now, Rob and Blac's wedding -- and relationship in general -- is fixing to be a massive disaster. Oof. 


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