Kris Humphries's Sister Totally Trashed Her $10,000 Bridesmaid Dress From Kim Kardashian

Well that's one way to sort out your feelings after your brother was married to Kim Kardashian for a mere 73 days before she called it quits. Photos have emerged of Kris Humphies's sister trashing her bridesmaid dress from the televised spectacle wedding.


TMZ has somehow managed to obtain photos of Kaela Humphries trashing the $10,000 Vera Wang gown that Kim Kardashian gave her for her 2011 E! special wedding, when the reality star married her second hubby, Kris Humphries.

The bridal party was a family affair, and also included Kim's own sisters, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. I think it's safe to say that the sisterly bond didn't continue after Kim filed for divorce just a couple of months later.

Anyway, Kaela and her friend Angela Kosteliz apparently had quite a girls' night with the couture dress, and ripped pieces of tulle off of it to make headbands. Then they all took turns trying it on, swigging wine, posing for photos, and basically destroying it.

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Angela revealed that the photos were taken a couple of years ago, during a packing party for Kaela when she was moving from Minnesota to NYC. No reason to pack that thing up and take it with you, right? This looks like way more fun! 

It seems like a waste of a $10,000 dress, but really, would anyone want the bad juju of wearing it for anything important? Even so, Angela said the remnants of the dress ended up in the Goodwill pile.

Good riddance!

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