Kate Middleton Gives a Classic Excuse for How She Manages to Stay So Thin

kate middleton

Well, that's pretty bold! At a celebration honoring Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday in Dehli, India, Prince William and Kate Middleton were innocently cutting a cake -- with a sword, obvs -- when the duchess was asked a rather intrusive question. During the celebration, a fellow party guest asked Kate how she stays so thin. And even more surprising? Kate answered her honestly!


Like many people, Professor Bulbul Dhar-James was perplexed as to how the duchess manages to maintain a size zero when she has two children. But, in fact, therein lies the answer. The future Queen of England said that "running after her kids" keeps her in tip-top shape these days. And while, no doubt, Kate also has a few other tricks up her sleeve to keep her slim (personal chef, personal trainer?), anyone who's ever been around two rambunctious toddlers knows how tiring they can be. And hey, it was nice of Kate to answer the somewhat-inappropriate question in the first place. 

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Clearly not a shrinking violet, Dhar-James then asked Kate if she was tired of smiling all the time at various events. Kate, again, gave a stellar, perfectly diplomatic answer, saying, "I'm just reciprocating. Everyone is so warm."

For someone of her stature, Kate always is incredibly warm and down to earth at events -- and she always seems to have the perfect answer to any question she's asked. Sure, she's got a fab life, but it can't be easy finding appropriate answers to random questions on the spot -- especially when you know your answer will be heard 'round the world. 

Looking great, Kate. Your kids are two fabulous aerobics instructors. And what a perfect answer to both questions. Not everyone would be so gracious. 

kate middleton


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