Kate Middleton Has Marilyn Monroe Dress Moment in India (PHOTOS)

kate middleton prince williamWhile on their trip in India, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent time at the national war memorial in Mumbai -- and the weather didn't cooperate with Kate Middleton's choice of dress. It was quite windy, and Kate's full skirt acted a lot like Marilyn Monroe's in The Seven Year Itch.


The dress was modest -- with a collar and sleeves nearly to her elbows. It was a midi-skirt, which covered the princess's knees ... except when the wind blew. And blew it did. In fact, there were moments that the gusty wind had Kate holding down her white dress so it wouldn't blow up too high. She did it effortlessly though -- without a look of worry on her face. Ever the perfect princess.  

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kate middleton

kate middleton

Those legs! I mean no disrespect, but those great legs have to be noted.

And yes, there was a slight look of concern on Kate's face, but she was doing her best to control that along with her skirt. I'd bet she was thinking that Queen Elizabeth would be upset with her if she couldn't keep that skirt down due to those winds. Or maybe the two women will have a good chuckle over the incident when the princess returns to England.

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This trip to India was on Kate's must list -- Will said that she told him it was the place she wanted to visit most when they first got together. It took them a while, but they are there now, enjoying the culture, hospitality, food, and (for the most part) weather.


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