Kim Kardashian Admits That North Isn't All That Crazy About Baby Saint

north west

Sibling rivalry? She may be incredibly #blessed and want for nothing, but that doesn't mean North West doesn't get jealous of her brother. Kim Kardashian recently admit that North is "so jealous" of Saint lately -- so much so that Kim has to be secretive when she's spending time with her youngest! Poor Nori. And poor Kim!  


In a recent interview with People, Kim said, "My daughter is still in the little jealous phase and that’s really hard for me because she gets so jealous when I try to do anything with Saint. So I sneak moments with him, or have my husband entertain her, and I have to separate it sometimes." 

Anyone with two or more children knows how this goes. How could a firstborn not get jealous when a new baby enters the picture? Their whole life, it was all about them, and then bam! Someone new is hogging all their parents' attention. Not cool. 

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Things will of course get better, but it sounds like poor Kim is having a bit of a rough run now. Good for her for sharing all the bits of motherhood and not just the bright and shiny parts. We can always count on her to be an open book. 

Before little North knows it, her brother will be her partner in crime and she'll be dying to hang out with him more than her mom and dad. Until then, though, Kim will just have to figure things out as she goes. And for what it's worth, Nori, you're still the only child who gets to sit front row at fashion shows. So there's that. 


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