20 Kardashian Pics That Show Just How Much Their Faces Have Changed

Meredith Gordon | May 11, 2016 Celebrities
Image: Splash News

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The Kardashian women are a lot of things, but natural definitely isn't one of them. Oh come on, they've admitted it themselves and they're never shy about showing their fans all the beauty fixes they get done on the regular. And, well, don't act like you haven't noticed that their appearances today are exactly nothing like they were 10, or even 5 years ago. Yep, being 100 percent gorgeous perfection all the time takes effort! 

Sure, the human face always naturally changes with time, weight fluctuations, and everyday aging, but unfortunately for the rest of us, not always in all the mostly positive ways it does in Kardashian-land. In fact, the Kardashian ladies' lips, eyes, noses, chins, jawlines, and whole entire face shapes are constantly shifting (and lifting). Maybe that's due to a really expensive moisturizer, the magical effect of expert contouring, and a lot of sleep ... but probably not.

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We may never know all their secrets, be they nips, tucks, pulls, injections, fillers, and other expensive treatments -- obviously coupled with the already-gorgeous Kardashian genealogy -- but we'll always be out here watching and wondering just how they do it. Check out just how different they look now as opposed to back in the day.

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