Rob Kardashian's Engagement to Blac Chyna Might Cost Him Everything

blac chynaDamn! We all knew the Kardashians weren't a fan of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship, but this is pretty extreme. According to insiders, the Kardashians plan on dropping Rob from the family if he actually goes through with marrying Blac Chyna. They're beyond upset right now. 


Radar Online is reporting that the family feels like this is the ultimate betrayal from Rob since Chyna has talked badly about the family so many times. They also feel that his feelings for her aren't even real, but instead that he's just with her to piss them off. A source said that there's now "an ultimatum in place." The Kardashians want Rob to call off the engagement or he'll "be dropped from the family." Kim apparently is especially upset after "all that she's done for him."

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While it's definitely weird that Rob has chosen Blac Chyna to marry (given the history she has with the family), she does seem to make him happy. The former recluse finally seems like he's on the road to recovery. And that's not really something that can be faked. 

Sources are saying that Blac Chyna wants to have a super elaborate wedding (as well as change her last name to Kardashian, ha!). It would be a shame if his family missed out on the occasion. Though, at this point, it's hard to imagine them attending. 

Hopefully the family will come to some sort of agreement as the months go by. They don't have to like Blac Chyna, but to kick Rob out of the family? Damn, that's cold. 


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