15 Celebrity Couples Plagued by Breakup Rumors

Some famous couples just can't seem to shake off pesky rumors claiming they're on the expressway to Splitsville. Sure, Hollywood romances are notoriously short-lived, but why is the public so convinced that certain pairings won't make it? What makes fans so quick to predict the eventual demise of certain power couples? 

In some cases, speculation has been fueled by peculiar sightings: moving vans spotted in front of a couple's home, a spouse not wearing a wedding ring, someone showing up solo on the red carpet, and so forth. Whatever the specific trigger behind the breakup rumors, these celebrity couples can't break free of them once and for all.

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  • Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


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    Taylor Swift's high-profile ex-boyfriends — among them Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, and Jake Gyllenhaal — have inspired many a scathing kiss-off song. Expecting history to repeat itself, fans have been bracing themselves for a similar outcome between Swift and her current love, DJ Calvin Harris, whom she's been dating since March 2015. A year into the relationship, Swift and Harris continue shaking off those breakup rumors, and that "blank space" she sang about clearly now has his name on it.

  • Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux


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    Ever since a Jolie-smitten Brad Pitt unceremoniously dumped his then-wife Jennifer Aniston back in 2005, the former Friends star has been depicted as unlucky in love. Sure, she had her share of short-lived romances (among them, flings with John Mayer and Vince Vaughn), but then Aniston met Justin Theroux on the set of Tropic Thunder in 2008 and, well, it felt like thunder and lightning. Still, the "dumped and abandoned Jen" narrative has dominated gossip blogs for years. In September 2015, a mere 21 days after Aniston and Theroux tied the knot, tabloids claimed their marriage was on the rocks. The latest doomsday rumors: that they're looking to adopt a child as a means to save their marriage.

  • Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


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    For many, Kim Kardashian's relationship with Kanye West has always felt a bit forced and contrived — from their joint magazine cover photo shoots to the perfectly orchestrated way in which they revealed North's first photo on Kris Jenner's talk show Kris, the meticulously staged Instagram shot of Kanye's Jumbo-tron proposal, the televised nuptials ... It's tempting to dismiss their four-year relationship as a massive publicity stunt. A closer look, however, reveals a friendship that did blossom into love. Still, breakup rumors have loomed over Kimye since the beginning. Lately, the talk has become more credible as Kanye's Twitter rants have grown increasingly frequent and erratic. In recent outings, they've appeared distant and frustrated, further fueling divorce speculations.

  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie


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    It's hard to keep up with all the rumors about the impending demise of Brangelina. In January 2016, In Touch reported that the movie stars had been leading separate lives for over a year. Then, in March, gossip sites claimed Angie felt threatened by Brad's supposed desire to mentor model-turned-actress Cara DeLevingne. Most recently, rumors have emerged about the Maleficent star being enraged over Brad 's flirtations with his Five Seconds of Silence costar Marion Cotillard and Brad, in turn, being fed up with his wife's jealousy. As usual, neither Brad nor Angelina have dignified the rumors with a response.

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  • Beyonce & Jay Z


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    Over the course of eight years of marriage, Beyonce and Jay Z have allegedly been on the brink of divorce at least 10 times. Rumors of a split were particularly pervasive in the summer of 2014, after a video surfaced showing a physical altercation between Solange and Jay Z inside an elevator at the Met Gala. Many speculated that Jay Z had incurred Solange's wrath after he cheated on Bey, and rumors of an impending divorce spread like wildfire — even as the couple embarked on its On The Run tour. Almost two years later, hip-hop's power couple is supposedly on the outs. Rumors of Beyonce secretly moving out with Blue Ivy are currently circulating the web.

  • Johnny Depp & Amber Heard


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    Less than two months after their February 2015 nuptials in the Bahamas, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were allegedly treading on thin ice. Tabloids claimed Depp was drinking and partying excessively while apart from his wife on movie sets, causing a major rift between them. Despite the incessant chatter, the stunning couple has piled on the PDA during every public appearance and spoken about their marital bliss during magazine and radio interviews.

  • Nicole Richie & Joel Madden


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    Eyebrows were raised last May when moving vans were seen outside the home Nicole Richie shared with her husband of five years, Joel Madden. Rumors of a split were premature as the spouses were simply moving into a residence closer to that of Joel's brother Benji and his new wife Cameron Diaz. The revelation hasn't stopped the marriage-in-crisis headlines, which have included Joel being spotted dining with a mystery woman in November 2015 and Nicole supposedly discovering incriminating texts from another woman. Their Instagram photos, however, tell a completely different and happier tale — one we hope is closer to the truth!

  • Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel


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    Whenever Jessica Biel desn't accompany her husband Justin Timberlake to an awards show (like the 2013 American Music Awards or the 2014 People's Choice Awards), the rumor mill starts spinning wild tales about infidelities and impending marital doom. In December 2015, eight months after they welcomed son Silas Randall into the world, tabloids claimed the couple was headed to Splitsville — all despite the fact that JT had gushed about his bride a mere four months earlier while being inducted into the Memphis Hall of Fame. "Baby, I love you more than I could put into words and more than any song I could ever write," he said during his speech.

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  • LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian


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    LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's relationship has always stirred up controversy — after all, they were both married to other people when they first hooked up! Likely guided by the "once a cheater, always a cheater" adage, the public has been on high alert for a potential infidelity scandal since these two got hitched in 2011. Tabloids have claimed Cibrian has cheated with multiple women, that Rimes has canceled concerts and faked illnesses to gain his attention, and that the singer refuses to give him a child. Whatever the reasons cited, gossip columnists seem to agree that divorce is an inevitability for these two. But is it really?

  • Prince William & Kate Middleton


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    The media has consistently likened the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to the late Princess Diana, comparing their wardrobe choices, commoner-to-princess stories, and charity work. Perhaps as a byproduct of these comparisons, the press has taken to depicting Kate as someone forced to put on a public charade while secretly trapped in an unhappy marriage. In September 2014, while carrying her second child Charlotte, Kate retreated to her parents' residence to cope with the symptoms of her pregnancy-related illness hyperemesis gravidarum. Tabloids, however, interpreted the move as a sign of marital strife. A myriad of trouble-in-paradise claims have been made since: that the queen intervened to save Kate and William's marriage, that Kate's mom Carole has been banished from their residence due to her meddling ways, that the duchess is worried about him cheating with his ex Isabella Calthorpe, and so on. 

  • Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi


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    In 2013, reports surfaced that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi were on the road to a $220 million divorce. In February 2014, the comedienne and talk show host dispelled the rumors, telling People, "I fall more in love with Portia all the time." The gloom and doom claims, however, have persisted, with tabloids claiming that DeGeneres is frustrated with her wife's long hours on the set of Scandal and quoting so-called "insiders" who claim de Rossi is experiencing a "seven-year itch." Some gossip rags have even alleged that de Rossi is leaving DeGeneres for a man.

  • Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden


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    Cameron Diaz dated quite a few hunks — among them Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez — and always claimed she was in no rush to get married. Then, in January 2015, Diaz tied the knot with Benji Madden after dating the rocker for only two to three months. Perhaps because of the suddenness of their nuptials or because of the unexpected chemistry between the pair, the public seems to have expected this union to crash and burn quickly. Tabloids have alleged that Diaz is trapped in a toxic relationship with a controlling man, but the A-lister has said the very opposite, stating that "no one compares" to her hubby.

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  • David Beckham & Victoria Beckham


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    Soccer star David Beckham and Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham have been hounded by rumors of betrayal and estrangement for over a decade. Back in 2004, David's former assistant Rebecca Loos claimed she'd had a steamy affair with him. In 2005, the couple's former nanny, Abbie Gibson, was quoted in a UK newspaper as having witnessed explosive arguments between the spouses. Both times, the Beckhams presented a united front, taking legal action to silence these former employees. A decade later, divorce rumors are once again making the rounds — but, this time, they stem from allegations that they've simply grown apart. Recent financial decisions, such as the sale of their Madrid mansion and their Côte d'Azur villa, have led some to speculate that a division of assets might be under way.

  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith


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    For years, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been rumored to be in an open marriage. During a 2013 HuffPost Live interview, the Gotham actress stated, "I’ve always told Will, ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay.”" Many interpreted her words as confirmation of an open marriage arrangement, though Jada later claimed her comments were misconstrued. This, along with the spouses' very candid admissions that all marriages endure rough patches, have fueled breakup rumors. Most recently, in August 2015, Will took to Facebook to shut down divorce rumors, writing, "If I ever decide to divorce my Queen, I swear I'll tell you myself."

  • Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen


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    NFL star Tom Brady and leggy supermodel Gisele Bundchen had a rough time in 2015, and rumors of a looming divorce continue to intensify. Last year, the New England Patriots quarterback was investigated for his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal and subsequently suspended for four games. Then, in September, a suspicious photo surfaced online of Ben Affleck's rumored nanny-turned-mistress Christine Ouzounian sitting aboard Brady's private jet sporting his four Super Bowl rings (Affleck, Brady, and Ouzounian were apparently en route to a charity poker tournament). Gisele allegedly hit the roof when she saw the photo. Could her trust in Brady be deflating too?

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