Kim Kardashian Under Fire for Texting While North Falls (VIDEO)

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Oh no! Recently, when Kim Kardashian and her family were visiting the Los Angeles Museum of Art, North West fell down, and being that it's something that involves Kim Kardashian, it was all caught on video. Sadly, though, Kim is now supposedly living a "nightmare."


The video wouldn't be so bad unless it were for two things. One, Rob Kardashian posted this photo of North to Instagram recently, where Kim doesn't even notice that North is falling:

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A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Nice brother! And then in the most recent video, Kim, again, doesn't seem to notice that her daughter has fallen because she's on her phone -- and North is right in front of her. 

Anyone who's ever been around a toddler knows that they fall constantly. They're not the most nimble people on earth and rarely are they paying attention to what they're doing. Who knows what Kim was doing? Maybe she was in the middle of an important business email? Accidents happen! Either way, it's a good thing Kourtney was there to help her niece up.

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Hopefully Kim doesn't feel too bad about this for too long. Sources tell that she's pretty upset right now. "Kim is very sensitive when it comes to her kids and her skills as a mom, so this video’s a nightmare," a source said. "Having people accuse her of being a bad mom is upsetting."

We all know that Kim isn't a bad mom. She loves and cares for her children very much. Though -- unsolicited advice alert -- you might want to put down the phone once in a while, Kim!


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