Rob Kardashian Bravely Shares Exactly How Much He Weighs

rob kardashian

He's on a mission. In a series of Snapchats, Rob Kardashian recently revealed his weight -- something he's been incredibly private about in the past. In one video with fiancée Blac Chyna, Rob gets on a scale and Chyna pans down to show the number. 


Rob, who's 6'1', currently weighs 248 pounds. He's not worried, though. Dude's got a plan. 

rob kardashian

Apparently, Rob's goal is to get down to "210 or 200" by his bride-to-be's 28th birthday, which is May 11. That would be a pretty fast weight loss! But hey, when you're in love, anything's possible! "I think that's perfect," Chyna is heard saying when Rob states his plan. 

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In one of the videos, Chyna also reveals that she's going to be the one to whip Rob into shape. "I’m gonna start training him myself," she's heard saying.

Think what you want of Rob and Chyna's engagement, but there's no denying one thing: Rob seems happier and more motivated than ever since getting together with Chyna. If this is what it took to get out of his depression and start working out again, so be it. He seems to be in a really good place.

Let's just hope -- for his sake -- that their relationship lasts. It's a little scary to think of what will happen if they ever break up. Fingers and toes crossed.


Images via TC/Splash News; Blac Chyna/Snapchat

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