North West's & Penelope Disick's Hair Extensions Have People All in a Tangle (PHOTOS)

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Is this the latest craze?! If there's one thing the Kardashian gals love, it's their hair -- and rightfully so. It's long, lustrous, and gorg. But! Is it a leetle bit weird that North West and Penelope Disick are now rocking hair extensions? People seem to think so, being that they're, you know, toddlers. 


In a recent Snapchat, Kim showed off a pic of her gorgeous daughter wearing the Kardashian hairstyle favorite: two French braids. But as you can see, North got a little help in the length department. 

If you peruse the comments on the post, everyone agrees that North is too cute for words, but some aren't on board with the whole baby extensions thing.

A few days prior, Khloe Kardashian shared a photo of herself and niece Penelope posing with matching braids. Penelope too, though, appeared to have longer hair than usual. And, yep, people felt comfy sharing their opinions.

I made her my mini me!! �

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The Kardashians certainly are damned if they do, damned if they don't, but are hair extensions a little much for kids? Who knows! At the end of the day, both Kim and Kourtney seem like good moms who always have their kids' best interests at heart. (And is it any different than kiddie high heels or whatever other "grown-up" dress-up toys kids play with?)

North and Penelope probably had a great time wearing their hair like their Aunt Koko. They look cute and it seems like the hair was taken out shortly after. 

That said, please don't let this become a trend with kids. Just ... no.  


Image via Fern/Splash News

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