Prince William Can't Resist Bragging About Princess Charlotte's Special Talent

Princess Charlotte plays footballIt sounds like this little lady takes after her dear old dad. Prince William revealed that Princess Charlotte has a talent for one of her proud pop's favorite pastimes: football!


Honored as president of the British Football Association, Prince William told fellow enthusiasts that his daughter is "a very good footballer."

"You hold her hand and she kicks it. Very sweet," he said.

How precious! We love what hands-on parents these royals are! Just picture the foursome out there on the football pitch.

But before we give the prince all the credit for Charlotte's athleticism, let's remember that Kate played tennis and swam while attending St. Andrew's School. She's also been known to try her hand at cricket and volleyball when she's out among her adoring public. So it sounds like George and Charlotte couldn't miss with these sporty parents. Plus, their aunt Pippa and uncle Harry are no slouches when it comes to athletics!

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Though Charlotte seems a bit young to be out there getting all rough and tumble, it makes sense. The adorable lass turns 1 on May 2 so she's probably walking a bit -- especially since she has a busy big brother to keep up with!

Now if only William would share some photos of the tiny twinkle toes and her football moves!


Image via © CHRIS JACKSON / PA/epa/Corbis

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