Kate Middleton Is Rumored to Be Pregnant With Her Third Baby (Again)

Another day ending in "Y," another rumor about Kate Middleton being pregnant with her third baby. The latest report on the status of the royal baby-making machine includes how Kate broke the news to Prince William that he is going to be a dad all over again, and boy, is it ever a doozy.


According to a gossipy insider, the Duchess of Cambridge is currently expecting her third child. The source revealed to Life & Style that Kate couldn't keep it a secret for long, because it means switching up her summer travel plans. It won't, however, apparently affect her immanent trip to India with her hubby. 

Anyway, Kate reportedly told the entire royal family, including William, at the same time that she herself was in the family way, because she had to explain why she needed to cancel some future appearances.

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"To be honest, it was an accident and a total surprise," the source said. "They hadn't wanted a third child for a couple of years, but now that it has happened, she and William are thrilled."

I have absolutely no doubt that William and Kate would be thrilled at the idea of having another tot to run around the palace, but I'm having a seriously hard time believing that it's true at the moment.

For one thing, I can't imagine that Kate wouldn't share that news privately with her husband before blurting it out to Queen Elizabeth or whoever was supposedly there. Then there's this whole trip to India scheduled to begin in a matter of days. 

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George and Charlotte's mama had horrendously bad morning sickness with both of her pregnancies -- she even had to be hospitalized in order to make sure she was getting enough fluids and nutrients to her growing babies. There's no way she'd be heading off to India if she were expecting again.

It would be great to hear that Kate was expecting another little one ... but I'm going to await for an official announcement from Buckingham Palace before I believe it.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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