All the Details of Rob Kardashian's Over-the-Top Proposal to Blac Chyna

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Dude went big! Tuesday, the world was shocked when they learned that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were engaged. After all, the couple hasn't been dating that long, and, uh, there's a bit of a tumultuous history between Chyna and the rest of the family. Regardless of any drama, though, the details of Rob's proposal sound incredible. Clearly, he's been thinking about this since they started dating. Three months ago. 


According to TMZ, the proposal took place at Chyna's house and her mother, Tokyo Toni, was there as well. Rob had 500 roses and rose petals strewn about and candles lit everywhere. Rob, Chyna, and Tokyo all walked into her home together and shortly after, Rob got down on one knee with an insane $400,000, 7-carat diamond ring. Chyna obviously said yes. 

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Here's the weird part, though. Rob's entire family was in Vail, Colorado, at the time and had no idea that he was planning on doing this. Insiders told that the family is "in crisis mode" right now, but Kris Jenner is "leading the troops," telling all of the girls to refrain from voicing their opinions on Rob and Chyna's relationship on social media. So far, so good. No one in the family has as much as acknowledged anything about the proposal. 

Both Rob and Chyna are obviously incredibly excited about their engagement -- hopefully his family will be able to get on board soon, as well. That said, here's to hoping their relationship lasts. The Kardashians don't have the best track records when it comes to quick engagements. 


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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