Amy Schumer Shakes Off the 'Plus Size' Label Faster Than You Can Say 'Size 6'

Once a year, Glamour releases a special plus-size issue (though they don't call it that) and in it, they celebrate all the plus-size women and all the plus-size fashion that we should be celebrating all year long. This year, Glamour called out "normal-size" Amy Schumer on the plus-size cover for being an inspiring woman, and she's super-duper offended.


Here's what she said:

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Amy's argument is that as a size 6–8, she's totally normal, totally healthy, and in no universe considered fat. She's right. She's not your normal Hollywood-style skinny, but she's nowhere near fat, either. By all traditional definitions, she's not considered plus-size.

But why you gotta make a big deal out of it, Amy?

She's quick to say that there's "nothing wrong" with being plus-size, but she's shaking off the label like it's a cockroach feasting on her size 6 skin. She says she doesn't want young girls seeing her body and thinking it's plus, but that's the same thing as saying she doesn't want girls to think THEIR bodies are plus, which is the same thing as saying she doesn't think plus is good, normal, or desirable.

Really, we should be celebrating all bodies all the time, not creating an arbitrary line between size 14 and size 16 and worrying about who's on which side. Amy's quick jump to the small side isn't a win for young girls looking for a role model; it's a harsh loss for body-positive dialogue.

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Which stinks, because Amy's been one of our fave faces of body diversity for years. 

Anyway, the editor-in-chief of Glamour responded to Amy's comments, but not in a way that we found to really addressed the underlying issue:

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She's not wrong -- women of all sizes can be inspired by one another's words. And usually, we're inspired by Amy, plus-size or not. We're not giving up on her, we're just ... hoping she changes her mind on this one.


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