Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Preparing George & Charlotte for a Week Without Them

Prince William & Princess KateAs much as parents might look forward to an exotic getaway, one part that's never easy is leaving the little ones behind. It doesn't matter if you're a royal -- the task is just as difficult. Prince William and Princess Kate are getting ready to say good-bye to George and Charlotte as their upcoming weeklong trip to India approaches.


Many times parents worry about how upset kids will be about their absence, when it's really Mom and Dad who feel it the most. If you've ever been out of town, called home, and heard the sweet voice of your toddler on the phone, you know it instantly melts your heart and makes you miss them more than you'd imagined.

But just as you're asking them about their day, their favorite show comes on or Grandma offers them some ice cream and they forget all about you. (Breaking your heart completely!) It turns out they're doing just fine and you're a sobbing mess!

Speaking of grannies, Carole Middleton, who's been hands-on right from the get-go, will undoubtedly pop in to check on her adorable grandchildren.

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And royal nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo will, of course, be caring for the precious tots, keeping their daily routines going.

Thanks to technology and things like Skype and FaceTime, we're pretty sure Kate and William will be in constant contact with the little royals. We can only imagine the interesting souvenirs they'll bring home!

Still, it's good for any couple to have a little quality time by themselves, and when they return they'll probably be that much more enthralled with their growing family.


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