Kate Middleton's Packing List for Her Trip to India May Surprise You

kate middleton packs for indiaAs this perennially perfect-looking princess is busy packing for her upcoming trip to India, we're learning just what goes into a royal's travel bag. Kate Middleton is picking and choosing which of her designer frocks she'll bring to India and Bhutan, and we can only imagine the pressure she's feeling, as these countries are renowned for their sumptuous silks and bold hues. We're sure she'll look fab, but one item going into the Duchess of Cambridge's suitcase is a bit of a surprise.


The Telegraph reports that in addition to bringing more than a dozen ensembles for six days, Kate will also be lugging along a pair of hiking boots! Why? Because she and Prince William are expected to embark on a six-hour trek to Tiger's Nest monastery.

We know Kate is no stranger to being sporty. We've seen the duchess play volleyball with schoolchildren and zip-line through Borneo's jungle, so we're pretty sure she'll put her kicks to good use.

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While we adore seeing her all gussied up, it has to be a nice change for her to throw on a pair of comfortable pants and head out for a hike. But make no mistake, each outfit is very well planned.

Ordinary travelers may check the weather forecast in their destination country, but Kate's private secretary actually goes ahead and does a rehearsal trip, taking photos all the way, so the duchess can coordinate her garments to the backdrops. (See, that's what we meant about pressure!)

Something tells us if history is any guide, Kate will look amazing. We can't wait to see what else she'll be wearing in addition to those boots!


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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