Prince Charles Opens Up About the Bond He Has With Prince George

prince georgeThere is a special bond between a grandfather and his grandchild, and that bond is very evident between Prince Charles and Prince George. The royal grandpa has been spending time gardening with 2-year-old George, and the details of their outdoor activities are super sweet.


Apparently Prince Charles has quite the green thumb and loves gardening -- something he learned about from his own grandmother, the Queen Mother. Charles told BBC Radio 4 that he finds gardening to be "therapeutic" and rewarding, and he's even redesigned some gardens just for his grandkids. He wanted to make them kid-friendly and even made a maze for the little ones at Dumfries House. I find this detail particularly adorable.

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Prince Charles wanted to see if George would take an interest in what he loves to do, so he took him to one of his gardens and had the little guy dig up some dirt and help plant some trees. Digging? A 2-year-old? I'd bet George absolutely loved this activity. Charles reportedly said that he wanted to introduce his grandson to gardening because it's something he loves to do and "you never know ... what people are going to be interested in." If Grandpa is involved, I'd bet that Prince George is interested!

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I'm imagining the two princes out there in some sort of gardening attire and big brimmed hats to keep the sun out of their eyes and matching gardening gloves. Prince George would be digging, digging, digging, and Charles would be glowing (with sweat and pride) and helping the little prince in planting a tree -- a tree they will look back on as it grows (and Prince George grows along with it). I do hope someone was around to take some photographs. Grandfather and grandson are making such great memories and building a strong bond. These are the kind of memories to cherish.


Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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