Taylor Swift Raps, Runs & Totally Flops in New Apple Music Ad

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My feelings on Taylor Swift are constantly conflicted. I enjoy her music, and for that, I want to like her -- truly, I do! But, then her Pollyanna attitude causes so much pause that I just can't. It seems as if she'd be one of those friends who frowns upon everything you do because it's not the do-gooder type of action she'd take. (Honestly, I can't even imagine how Selena Gomez wasn't nauseated by her in the midst of her "Jelena" days.) She has this pretentious vibe going for her that I just can't get with -- from her Shake It Off video to her latest antics for the new Apple Music ad. 


The ad depicts a not-so-motivated Taylor trying to get herself pumped up for a little quality time with the treadmill. She pulls up the playlist -- you know, the one that gets you through the initial pain of working out. But just as she begins rapping to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" she slips off the treadmill, perhaps in a dreaded attempt to embrace her inner Jennifer Lawrence. At which point she's proven to be, yet again, doing the absolute most.

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Based on true events. #TAYLORvsTREADMILL @applemusic @champagnepapi @future

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Many of her fans thought this video was hilarious, but I sat here with the stalest of stale faces trying to understand why this was happening and, furthermore, why it was happening on loop. Her "cutesy" presence in this ad didn't even begin to bring a smile to my face (no matter how much hype I may have had for her undoubtedly good addition to her "running" playlist). 

In fact, my coworkers and I are all sitting here scratching our heads wondering if this is some sordid April Fools' joke from the Apple crew. Scratch that; we're praying it is. Suffice it to say we're completely over Swift and her "squad" of followers.

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It's unfortunate, but her mused personality isn't inviting and doesn't spark up a desire to add her to our list of potential BFFs -- unlike our girls Gina Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz.

Sorry not sorry! This video reeks of "try hard" and all it did for me was prompt me to play "Jumpman" and reach out about some better choreo for our beloved Tay -- and her staged personality, of course. 

However, kudos to Apple because nonetheless I went and downloaded the song to my iTunes -- and hopefully when I'm jamming to it in the gym, it won't have the same impact.


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