Caitlyn Jenner & Kris Jenner Lock Lips in New 'I Am Cait' Promo (VIDEO)

File this under "Things We Never Thought We'd See." Caitlyn Jenner kisses Kris Jenner right on the lips in a new promo for I Am Cait, and holy awkward, Batman! They are amicable exes, but apparently they're still working on their boundaries around Cait's transition.


In the clip, Cait kisses Kris full on the mouth on a party bus during a girls' trip to Mardi Gras. It's not like those lips have never touched before (hello, they made two kids together once upon a time!), but it's still a bit weird, and we're just going to assume alcohol was involved.


Later, Kris and Cait have a heart-to-heart, during which the latter apologizes for her behavior. "I just want to apologize for the way I acted," she tells to Kris in the video. "It didn't have to be that way."

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Of course, we have no idea if she's apologizing for the kiss or something else, but it's still cool that they're able to have real conversations, and try to understand each other.

Obviously, they're still a big part of each other's lives. The Kardashian-Jenner crew is one tight-knit family, and a divorce or even a gender transition isn't going to change that. 


Image via Splash News

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