The Kardashians Get an '80s Makeover -- It's Totally Wicked

Eve Vawter | Mar 30, 2016 Celebrities

Crimped hair, neon accessories, novelty sunglasses, and giant oversized bows: These are exactly the sort of things you would never expect to see on a Kardashian. But thanks to a magical time machine hilariously great new web toy from CNN, not only can you '80s the Kardashians, but also yourself. 

Before you whip out your own selfie to make look totally radical to spam your Facebook friends with, check out how the K-Kruë would look like if they were famous around the dawn of MTV and the era of legwarmers. 

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  • Khloe Kardashian Is a Total Betty


    Image via Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    Sure, Khloe has had blond hair before, but it's usually done in a really gorgeous ombré shade by a professional. This is what would happen if Khloe had locked herself in the bathroom with a few bottles of Sun-In and had access to a crimping iron. We're pretty positive we personally rocked this look ourselves when we were teenagers. 

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  • Kylie Jenner Looks Wicked


    Image via Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    Way before she ever started selling lip kits and became the reigning queen of the 'Gram, Kylie was a mere twinkle in her parents' eyes. Because she wasn't even born until 1997. But if we were to pretend she was around in the 1980s, we're pretty sure she would have been a huge metal chick with the big hair to match. 

  • Kendall Jenner Looks Bodacious


    Image via Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    Because both Kylie and Kendall are super tight, they obviously share necklaces. And hairspray. And their cassette tape of Poison's 1986 debut Look What the Cat Dragged In

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  • Kourtney Kardashian Is a Total Val


    Image via Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    As in Valley Girl. Because can't you just see her rocking legwarmers and grabbing an Orange Julius at the mall before catching a flick starring Matt Dillon? 

  • Like Oh My God Kim Kardashian Looks Fresh


    Image voa Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    Can't you totally picture Kim with a gazillion black rubber bracelets on, a few dozen rosaries, and watching and re-watching a VHS of Desperately Seeking Susan to totally cop Madonna's style? 

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  • Kanye West Is So Fresh


    Image via Splash/Corbis, CNN 80's Yourself 

    How could we forget 'Ye? By the end of the '80s, Kanye was probably just starting to get into Kid 'n Play and wearing out his copy of Run-DMC's It's Like That.

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