Lamar Odom Will Wind Up Back in Rehab If Khloe Kardashian Gets Her Way

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Uh-oh. It seemed like things were going so well. What happened?! According to a new report, Khloe Kardashian wants Lamar Odom to go to rehab for alcohol abuse. Sources say that Lamar's drinking has been a bit more than casual lately, and Khloe -- and the rest of the Kardashian clan -- are worried. Lamar doesn't care, though. He's fine with going to physical rehab, but as far as addiction treatment? Thanks, but no thanks. 


Insiders say that Khloe has tried everything in her power to convince her technically-still husband to go to rehab -- even suggesting out-patient treatment. But Lamar isn't having it. Apparently, Lamar's two children are even worried about their dad lately, after seeing him in a bar. 

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The Kardashian family is also scared that this is only the beginning for Lamar. If he's drinking the way he reportedly is, he almost certainly will start using drugs again -- if he's not already. 

It's so sad to hear that this may be the state of Lamar right now. You'd think that after going through an ordeal like he did, he'd be more cautious. Clearly, he needs help -- and not just physical help. If he's not willing to get it, though, there's really nothing that can be done.

According to TMZ, Khloe is incredibly upset over Lamar's refusal to get help, but she's also at the point where it just might be time to walk away. Khloe evidently realizes that there's going to be a point when "she has to stop trying." And from the sound of things, that point is soon. 

Hopefully Lamar will get the treatment that he so desperately needs, because, sadly, he might not be so lucky next time. 


Image via Holly Heads LLC/Splash News

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