Of Course Saint West Has His Very Own Tiny Pair of Yeezys (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWould you expect anything more? Being that Easter is a big holiday for the Kardashians -- one where everyone dresses up in their finest -- it's only fitting that Saint West donned a pair of Yeezys small enough to fit onto a tablespoon for the event. We all knew this little dude was going to be stylin', but seriously, this cuteness is just too much. 


Sadly, we don't get to see Saint's adorable face in the Snapchat Kim posted, but we do see his tiny, designer-clad feet. Look how cute!

Amazing. It's doubtful that little Saint is going to be walking anywhere anytime soon, but sometimes you just need a pair of comfy, super-hard-to-get sneakers for straight chillin' on mama's lap. 

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We've all seen how insanely stylish North West is, so it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that her younger brother is equally fashionable. No doubt, in a few years, we'll see the little cutie walking around in leather pants and oversized sweatshirts like daddy. 

Thus far, Kim and Kanye have kept Saint mostly under wraps, save for a few Instagram photos. Hopefully, though, as the months go by, we'll see some photos that don't only involve his feet. 

We all love a good selfie from Kim, but come on. The real goodness is the photos she posts of her sweet kids. 


Image via Lauren/Splash News

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