Scott Disick Tries to Convince Kourtney Kardashian That They're Back Together (VIDEO)

kourtney kardashianA rekindled romance? In a series of recent Snapchats, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian seem seriously -- no, seriously -- close. In fact, in one of the snaps, Scott even says that he and Kourtney are getting back together. Kourtney quickly laughs and says "no," but you know what they say about jokes ... 


In the first snap, Disick is seen hanging out on the couch of a studio. "Here's baby daddy Disick," Kourtney says when she sees him.  

"Anger Management" 3•28•16

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In the next, Scott looks directly into the camera and tells everyone that they're getting back together. Kourt's not having it. 


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Annnnd in the final, Scott essentially attacks Kourtney and tries to get a little too handsy with her. 


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Despite the fact that Kourtney seems to protest that they're together in the video, they sure seem like they're together. They've always had a weird relationship, but from the looks of things, their relationship these days isn't all that different from it was when they were together. 

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Kourtney has said in the past that she and Scott are always going to be close, being that they have three kids together -- as they should be! But how close is too close when you're officially broken up? Aren't there some lines blurred here? Won't Scott get false hope of a reunion? (And fine, the rest of us. Scott's not a good partner, but he and Kourt are cute together.)

One minute it seems like both Kourtney and Scott have moved on, the next it seems like they're getting back together. It's unlikely that anyone will ever understand their relationship, but hey, if it works for them and they're both there for the kids, who are we to judge? Though, for the record, they likely will get back together in some capacity at some point if this is how their relationship remains. How could they not?


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