Wentworth Miller Responds to Body-Shaming Meme With a Lesson on Internet Kindness

Laughing with Internet memes is all well and good when it's a Microsoft Paint–published frog drawing, but the stakes get higher when we start talking about real people. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller knows this all too well -- and he set us all straight on Monday when he published a Facebook post explaining the story behind a viral (and honestly kind of cruel) meme about him.


The meme, which was created by the British humor site The LAD Bible, features a pre–Prison Break and post–Prison Break Miller and some not-so-nice comments about the weight change between the two. 

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The LAD Bible took down the original, but Miller re-posted it with his thoughts: 

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. This one, however, stands out from the...

Posted by Wentworth Miller on Monday, March 28, 2016

It's a long read, but worthwhile: Miller explains that the second photo was taken around 2010, and during that time, he was severely depressed. When the photos popped up with accordingly mean headlines, Miller said it was damaging to his already-weak mental state.

And I mean, understandably so. Depression is hard enough as is, and add to that paparazzi and Internet trolls, and you've got yourself a celeb who's just glad he made it out alive.

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More than anything, though, this is our annual reminder that celebrities are people, too, and oftentimes, cruelty directed their way will actually make it all the way to their ears.

It's also way beyond time to be done with Internet bullying -- we see and hear about how damaging it can be, but it still doesn't end. But maybe, if our kids can hear stories like Miller's, they'll realize that as much as we hate to admit it, memes can come with consequences, too.


Image via Paul A. Hebert/Press Line Photos/Splash News

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