12 Celebrities Who Jumped to Bill Cosby's Defense


Over the past two years, the pedestal on which Bill Cosby stood for years has been chipped, cracked, clobbered, and smashed to bits. The man who played America's favorite TV dad, Cliff Huxtable, now tops the list of America's most hated celebrities. The beleaguered comedian, 77, faces rape allegations from nearly 50 women, many of whom have come forward since late 2014 in search of justice. Despite the growing number of accusers — not to mention the resurfacing of a damning 2005 deposition in which Cosby admitted to drugging women with the intent of having sexual intercourse with them — a number of entertainers and former colleagues have come to Cosby's defense.


Some celebs initially stood by Cosby but later changed their stance as more incriminating evidence emerged, either denouncing him or choosing to remain mum. Following are some of the celebs who have jumped to Cosby's defense. 


Image via Josh Withers/Corbis

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