19 Times Kris Jenner Was the Ultimate Momager

Meredith Gordon | Apr 12, 2016 Celebrities

Kris JennerKris Jenner gets a bad rap for being an overbearing stage mom who will stop at nothing to find a way for her kids to make a buck.

But if you're one of her kids, having the ultimate mom as your manager isn't so bad. Actually, sometimes it's a pretty darn sweet perk. Check out all the times we (sort of almost) wished Kris Jenner was our momager too!


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  • Road Show


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    Kris travels all over the world with her kids when they have appearances and events. Jet lag can't stop her!

  • Trademark That


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    Kris loves being a momager so much that she filed paperwork to trademark the term momager. As if she's the only one.

  • The Smoking Gun


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    A salacious new book claims Kris leaked Kim's now famous 2003 sex tape with Ray J. The tape made Kim famous, but would you leak your own daughter's tape to get her famous? No proof if the rumors are true yet. Eek.

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  • Peacemaker


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    Despite Rob dating the family arch-enemy, Blac Chyna, Kris has publicly come to his defense. Like a good momager does.

  • Nanny McKris


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    Not only is Kris mom and manager, but she's also grandma and babysitter. She does it all!

  • Make Nice


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    Despite going through a very complex divorce, Kris has publicly welcomed and made nice with Caitlyn Jenner for the good of the family (and the brand!).

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  • Fair Game


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    Kris is the ultimate manager, making sure each of her children carve out successful careers as social media stars. 

  • Open House


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    Kris has opened her home, not once but twice, to Kim and Kanye, and Kim's very extensive wardrobe.

  • Shark Tank


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    Ever the opportunist, Kris attempted to film Lamar Odom's harrowing recovery in a Las Vegas hotel. Some things we don't need to see, right?

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  • Friend of a Friend


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    Kendall's friends are superstars as well. That's why Kris wants to manage them too.

  • Always on Camera


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    There's no scandal that Kris doesn't think should be on the family's reality show. Business first.

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  • Another Transformation


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    With all the Kardashians getting famous, the only one left behind was shy, quiet Kylie. That is, until Kris transformed her into the queen of Snapchat.

  • Family Business


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    The girls got their start at their own DASH boutiques. Now there are a bunch of them!

  • Everything Is Business


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    Kris has found ways for all of her kids to sell everything from fake lips to fake hair to clothing. If she can put a K on it, she can sell it.

  • Lights, Camera, Money!


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    Kris commands top dollar for special TV events like her daughter's wedding. Kim has had two already!

  • Open Book


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    Kris will do anything to make the family money. She'll even put her own personal life on display.

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  • Making Friends


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    Most celebrities loathe the paparazzi, but not the Kardashians. Mama Kris knows without the photographers, there would be no TV show!

  • All Part of the Brand


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    Kris knows the Kardashians are as much a family as they are a brand. And everything they do is about the brand.

  • Smiles, Everyone. Smiles!


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    Kris knows that the Kardashians have to seem glamorous for people to follow them. That means more photos of them shopping and less photos of them at the doctor's office.

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