New Video of Little 'Diva' North West Pretty Much Says It All (VIDEO)

north westOK, this is ridiculous, hilarious, and all around amazing. Kim Kardashian recently shared a video of North West saying the most insane thing ever. It's kind of true, but definitely insane. In all fairness, North isn't really talking in the video. Aunt Khloe dubbed someone else's voice over hers, but OMG, she picked the most incredible thing to make North say. #littlediva


Clearly, Khloe used an app to make North say this, and immediately after, she it sent to Kim, who, duh, posted it on Instagram. Check out North in all her diva glory:

In case you couldn't make out what she was saying, North said: "I don't think you know who I is. My name is North West. And I'm about to run this shit for the rest of my life. OK, OK, OKKKK?" Hilarious. Mostly, because it's true. 

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You can say what you want about how Kim is raising her daughter, but ultimately, North one of the most famous toddlers in the world. There's no getting around how rich and famous she and her parents are. She pretty much is going to run this shit for the rest of her life -- and the rest of us just have to deal with it. 

Kim is so lucky to have an awesome sister like Khloe who will not only watch her kids whenever she needs, but who will send her hilarious videos along the way. Next up? Saint. Can't wait to see what Khloe comes up with for that little cutie. Love it. 


Image via Said Elatab/Splash News

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