Jinger Duggar Shows Off Impressive New Skill in 'Counting On' Promo

"Duggar girls" and "career" are not two items we can usually put together, but a new Jill & Jessa: Counting On promo has us thinking it's time to start. While Jill and Jessa stayed busy with their kids, we got to catch up with Jinger -- who, apparently, has taken up flipping cars.


It's an old Duggar family tradition -- the Duggar boys have been buying used cars at shows and reselling them at a higher price for years. Jessa said that Jinger's been tagging along for a long time, but in the next Counting On episode, we get to see Jinger try her hand at buying for the first time. 

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According to the boys, she's pretty good at it. Not that we're surprised. 

Check out the promo:

Jinger has also been the Duggar family photographer for years, and there's definitely potential to turn that into a small business, too. Could she be saving up money for something? We kind of hope so -- a big move might be just what she needs. Plus, the whole family says she loves big cities and big energies, so maybe moving out is really in the books for her.

We're just glad to see her happy for now -- she has a notoriously big heart, and we're happy she's picking up some of the tools she needs to be independent. 


Image via duggarfam/Instagram

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