Blac Chyna Drops a Bomb That She Wants to Have Rob Kardashian's Babies

Sorry, but what? Apparently, Blac Chyna wants to have Rob Kardashian's baby, and all we can think is -- well that escalated quickly. They've been dating for just a few months, but she seems to have popped him out of his seclusion, and we're all really happy for them ... but a baby? What the what?


In a Snapchat video from Thursday, Chyna reportedly teased Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe's little bro, "Rob, I am not playing with you, I want my eggs cracked! That means I want to have a baby!"

Whoa. She also hinted at being ready to walk down the aisle. "I need my name dropped. That means I want to be married!" she said while Rob laughed at her (or with her? We may never know.). "I am not f---ing around with you!" she said.

OK, look. As much the Kardashian-Jenner crew were as incredulous as the rest of us to this relationship at first, I think we all can agree that we're glad to have Rob back, out living his life, and looking healthier and happier than he has in years.

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Even Kris Jenner is reportedly on board, because she credits Blac with helping Rob overcome his demons and get back to the fun-loving guy who loves his family that we've seen him to be in the past.

But come on, are these two really ready for marriage and kids? I say lt them take their time, make sure it's right, and then go for it. They're both still in their 20s, after all. What harm could it do to wait a year or two?


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