Prince William Is Skipping Easter With the Kids to Hang With His Ex

Say what? Prince William isn't planning on spending Easter with Kate Middleton and their precious kiddos Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But even more surprising than that -- Will is attending the wedding of an ex-flame instead.


Prince William, who has been performing royal duties in Africa, reportedly attended Jecca Craig's wedding on Friday, March 25. The two were linked romantically when they were teens, during Will's gap year before university. Since that's where he met Kate at the University of St. Andrews, we're guessing he never looked back.

So why attend the wedding of his ex-girlfriend instead of spending Easter with his wife and children? Possibly for two reasons -- he was there already, and he and Kate have remained on friendly terms with Craig.

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The Duke of Cambridge met with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta this week to discuss foreign relations. The Palace put out a press release that discussed the goal of the meeting being "to deepen relations between the two countries on a broad range of topics including defense and security, and conservation."

Then he apparently traveled to Isiolo, Kenya, for Craig's wedding with Professor Jonathan Baillie. The groom's family owns the 55,000-acre estate Lewa, which also happens to be the oldest wildlife sanctuary and private safari in the country.

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And we all know how passionate Will is about African wildlife and conservation. Hey, maybe he just agreed to go to hang out at Lewa for a bit? Besides, Jecca attended Will and Kate's wedding back in 2011, and you know how it is with old friends -- they go to your wedding, you go to theirs.

I'm guessing that Kate just didn't feel like traveling to Kenya with a toddler and baby in tow. She probably jumped at the chance to spend it with her family instead.


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