Advertisers Have a Cow When Their Commercials Are Played During 'Jill & Jessa: Counting On'

Whoops. While it seems as though viewers are digging Jill and Jessa: Counting On, the Duggar family has created a headache for TLC. According to In Touch Weekly, some advertisers are pretty upset that their commercials ran while the show was aired, and have contacted the network to ask them to stop.


TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting last summer, after it was revealed that eldest son Josh Duggar had molested five young girls as a teenager, including four of his own sisters. The family was further scandalized in August, when Josh confessed to being unfaithful to his wife Anna, as well as being addicted to porn.

The Jill and Jessa spin-off does not feature parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (they were raked over the coals by the media for how they handled Josh's molestation at the time), nor Josh himself, but Anna is a regular.

Regardless, companies including Cici's Pizza, UPS, and Verizon Wireless were not happy to be featured during Counting On. A rep for the UPS Store said, "It was not our intention to advertise on the program. This specific program is [now] on our list of exclusions as well as any other potential Duggar programming."

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Wow. Does that seem harsh to anyone else? Media expert David Johnson explained the move by the companies to distance themselves from the controversial family. "The Duggars are radioactive right now," he told In Touch. "People will see that this new show is just a desperate ploy by the Duggars to reclaim the spotlight and hopefully make some dollars off the public."

I don't know ... it's think it's pretty unfair to take things out on Josh's younger sibs and wife when they were the ones who were victimized by him. Why should they be punished just because he was a jerk?


Image via TLC

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