Josh Duggar's Drama Might Mean the End of the Road for Jim Bob & Michelle

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar

Have you ever heard "news" that was so ridiculous, all you could do was roll your eyes? The rumor mill is on overdrive amid reports Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are divorcing because of their son Josh. Say what, now?


(Insert eye roll.)

In Touch magazine claims to know some Duggar family "insiders" who are spilling the beans on the drama that's happening behind the scenes. With Josh Duggar home and out of rehab, some folks are claiming Jim Bob and Michelle can't stop arguing.

The insider told In Touch that Jim Bob thinks Josh is cured, while Michelle, meanwhile, understands why some other members of the family don't want Josh around them or their kids -- though she would never admit this to the public.

But, wait, there's more from this unnamed family "friend":

They [Michelle and Jim Bob] rarely argue, but this one was a doozy. [Jim Bob] argued about putting family first and how Michelle needed to move on and put things in the past, and she stood her ground and said she was putting family first by being cautious.

And as a result, Michelle and Jim Bob's 31-year marriage might be in jeopardy.

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Give. Me. A. Break.

You don't even have to know about the Duggar family to smell how foul and silly this is. If they can survive 19 children, a reality show, scandals, and their life playing out in the public eye, I'm pretty sure they have the strength needed to weather this storm.

Honestly, who knows how the Duggars are dealing with Josh being home. I'm sure there are awkward moments, times of silence, and occasional shoe-staring. Maybe there are fights. Maybe there are heated discussions. And maybe, there is misunderstanding.

But to get divorced, because you don't see eye-to-eye about your son -- and now -- seems very far-fetched for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.



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