Kourtney Kardashian & Justin Bieber's Stealth Relationship Is Not Even Close to Being Over

kourtney kardashian

Jourtney is back! After posting a photo branding herself a "Belieber" earlier on this week, Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber are rumored to be hooking up again. What the hell?! First, they wanna go to the left, then they wanna turn right. Make up your mind, guys!


A source recently told Us Weekly that the couple is "still casually hooking up." Apparently at first, Kourtney was supposedly hooking up with Justin to get revenge on Scott Disick -- but that's not the case anymore. Kourtney wants to have a good relationship with Scott for the sake of their three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign. So, clearly she's just hooking up with Justin because she wants to. 

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After Justin went on what seemed to be a romantic vacation with model Hailey Baldwin at the start of the year, things seemed to get quiet on the Kourtney and Justin front. But either they've done a really good job at keeping their relationship under wraps, or they have just rekindled things recently. Whatever happened, good for them. They're both sexy and single. Why not have a little tryst?

Regardless of the status of Kourtney and Justin's relationship right now, one thing is for certain: Things will cool down between them in the upcoming months, as Justin is embarking on a world tour. Kind of hard to maintain a relationship when one person is traveling constantly, but hey, they're celebs. Anything is possible.  

Hope you're having fun, guys! You both deserve it. But please, Kourtney, do not get serious with Justin ever. He may be better than Scott, but he is not exactly the pillar of responsibility.


Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

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