Kate Middleton Discloses the One Thing the Royal Family Teases Her About (VIDEO)

kate middletonMany families have inside jokes and certain relatives who get teased a bit more than others ... even the royals. This shocking revelation comes from Princess Kate Middleton, who opened up about how she is the one who gets picked on for her commoner ways.  


Before anyone gets defensive on Kate's behalf, know it's all in the name of love. Friendly teasing. Even the Duchess of Cambridge finds it funny. And she admits that she has a lot to still learn about what is "proper" in terms of royal behavior. Proper? And no, she's not doing something very off-kilter for the royals -- she's not burping in public or suddenly taking selfies à la Kim Kardashian.

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Kate just likes to talk to people. She admitted that she is too chatty during "walkabouts" -- when they speak with the commoners while they are in public. And they tease her about it -- and by "they" I suppose she means Will and Harry and the queen herself. (I bet Harry is the most relentless in his teasing.) I wonder if Kate has been dubbed a Chatty Cathy? A Chatty Katie? Because of this, Kate admits that she still has a lot to learn from the queen about the ways of being royally royal. And the queen has taken her under her wing -- the two women have a lot of love and admiration for each other.

Quite funny, this whole thing. I would assume Kate chats with the commoners because she still feels she is one -- it's only been five years since she married into the royal family. And it's why we love her so. Kate possesses that warmth and sincerity that Princess Diana had -- she is also the "people's princess," someone you can easily relate to because she just seems so down-to-earth. The fact that she spends a lot of time talking to people -- commoners -- says a lot about who she is. She's a kind soul, a true humanitarian, someone who cares about the world and thinks it's important to connect with the people. She is someone who has an open heart and is compassionate and has empathy.

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Knowing she is teased about this quality of hers makes me adore her even more. And I have a hunch the teasing is completely out of love. I'd bet the queen finds it admirable, and an asset to have the woman who may be queen someday connect with others so easily.


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