Kylie Jenner Reveals the Secret to Her Pouty Pucker & It's Not Surgery (VIDEOS)

kylie jenner

It's her mouth and she'll pout if she wants to. After coming under fire for cosmetically enhancing her lips more than she's admitted to, Kylie Jenner let fans in on her real lip-plumping treatment in a series of Snapchats earlier on this week. And after you watch the videos, you'll see it's obvious that Kylie isn't lying. She hasn't had more plastic surgery; she's just very crafty. 


Despite the fact that Kylie loves her pillowy pout and has admitted to both having them plumped by a doctor and drawing her lip liner outside her mouth to make them appear bigger, Kylie revealed that her real secret is a good old-fashioned duck face. Here, let Kylie drop the knowledge:

Good stuff. Kylie even added some before-and-after still shots of her "normal" lips and then when they're puckered:

So, there you have it. As ridiculous as it is, there's no denying that there's a definite difference before Kylie pouts her mouth and after. No needles here. 

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Everything Kylie does comes under fire and is scrutinized to the nth degree, which has to be annoying. While she shouldn't feel the need to justify every single thing she does, every once in a while she probably just wants to quiet the haters and prove to the world that she's not lying. Hard to blame her there.

Kylie has certainly perfected the art of the duck face, which may or may not be a real accomplishment, but hey, it's something. That said, hopefully she realizes that she's a beautiful girl no matter what position her lips are in. 


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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