Ultimate BFF Gina Rodriguez Lets Fan Wear Her Golden Globes Dress to Prom

Gina Rodriguez, Golden Globes 2015

As fans, we often don't think that our voices will be heard (well, "read," in the age of social media) by the celebs whom we love most. Of course, we don't let that discourage us -- we continue to tag them like they're just another friend of ours, with hope that one day all our enthusiasm will be met with even the slightest response. So high school student Jessica Casanova got waaay more than she bargained for when Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez went beyond a mere reply and actually granted Jessica's wish to wear Gina's Golden Globes gown to prom. 


Jessica reached out to Gina on Twitter almost a month ago, expressing her admiration for the gown. 

Much to everyone's surprise, Gina got back to her within a couple of hours, offering up a close second with her gown from the previous year (and the previous year only because she didn't own the 2016 Golden Globe dress that she "slayed" in).

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While we're well aware that celebrities give back to their fans all the time with giveaways, charities, and whatnot -- it's nothing like this.

I mean, talk about knowing how to make a girl feel special -- Rodriguez basically invited her into her closet. That's like "BFF stat," right? No, really, sharing clothes is a special bond reserved for close friends and family in the "Girl World." 

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That's why this is so much better than the typical giveaways, even the ones that allow you to hang out with your favorite celeb for the day. What Gina did was both authentically kind and personal -- something that can't be "airbrushed" by a PR team. 

Furthermore, Gina is a woman of her word.

Needless to say, Rodriguez won our hearts over with this one, and we're now trying to recruit her (in addition to Amy, of course) to meet our #SquadGoals for 2016. We'll let you know how that goes, but until then, we'll pretend this was her response to us: 


Image via Jason Meritt/Getty Images

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