Kate Middleton Made a Daring Gift Choice for the Queen and It Was Worth It

kate middleton queen elizabethThe relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Kate Middleton is surrounded by some mystery -- do they really get along? But Kate's recent confession reveals the truth. The very first gift Kate gave the queen may have something to do with their sweet bond.


Before the Duchess of Cambridge gave the queen two adorable great-grandchildren, she gave her chutney. Yes, chutney. But not just any chutney -- specifically her own grandmother's recipe of chutney. This was way back on the first Christmas Kate spent with the family as an official princess and married to Prince William. Will and Kate were spending the holiday at the queen's Sandringham House and she was quite nervous thinking about the perfect gift to give her grandmother-in-law. Because she is the queen of course. The pressure!

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Kate, being Kate, looked deep within and thought about her own beloved grandparents and what she would give them as a gift. She couldn't go to the queen's home empty-handed or with some store-bought something with no emotion behind it. That's when she knew she would make some chutney from her own grandma's recipe and present it to her most Royal Highness.

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She must have been confident in the recipe as well as her own skills in the kitchen because it could have turned out horrible and had the queen cringing at the thought of chutney or gifts from Kate. But that didn't happen -- the queen loved it, and perhaps it was the sweet gesture of Kate making her something so special and personal and with love that sealed their relationship.

Kate speaks of the queen with such appreciation, and she has said that it is her "thoughtfulness" and her "care in looking after everybody" that inspires her. How beautiful is that! It's clear that both these women admire one another, as well as inspire each other. And even though Kate took a risk in her gift-giving choice, it was certainly the right one ... because it came from her heart, and that was clear to the queen.


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